Chocolate for potency

Chocolate is the sweetest aphrodisiac in the world. Bitter chocolate, which not only improves the mood, but also provides energy, is the best choice. Unfortunately, its action is extremely short, up to 5 minutes.

Chocolate increases sexual activity thanks to the presence of such chemical substances as: theobromine, caffeine, phenylethylamine. Thanks to them, the body gets a powerful energy dose that affects the nervous system. Then the concentration of neurotransmitters in the brain increases. Chocolate and its natural stimulating properties work well with other aphrodisiacs, such as red wine. This combination of flavours can enhance the stimulation and relaxation effect of the body.

Chocolate and its influence on the functioning of the sexual system

There is a reason why chocolate is considered a natural aphrodisiac. This unique sweetness has compounds responsible for increasing sexual activity. These are chemical compounds called theobromine, which have a similar effect to caffeine, i.e. a stimulant. In addition, it contains a considerable amount of phenylethylamine, which is responsible for sensual properties to a significant degree. PEA is slightly compared to amphetamine, which has a strong addictive effect, responsible for excitement and desire. His job is to increase the production of dopamine. Increased serotonin secretion is possible due to the presence of caffeine, which stimulates the body. When taken in reasonable doses, it improves general wellbeing. Flavonoles have an additional relaxing effect.

Chocolate has a strong link to biotechnology, due to the presence of substances that stimulate mechanisms associated with the production of neurotransmitters. Thanks to psychoactive substances it is possible to relax muscles and increase the level of relaxation.

Chocolate - contraindications

Although chocolate has so many positive effects on the health of the body, there are some contraindications to eating it. Can chocolate be accepted by everyone? No, I'm afraid not. This unique sweetness is not recommended for people with kidney stones and gastroesophageal reflux disease. It is also forbidden to consume chocolate by people who use drugs with MAO inhibitors on a daily basis. The combination of chocolate with these compounds can have unexpected negative effects on the health of the body. Chocolate is certainly forbidden for people who are allergic to it. It is not advisable to take chocolate in large quantities, especially for obese or overweight people.