Fruits and vegetables that improve potency

Potential problems can have various causes. One of them may be a poor diet. There was a correlation between abnormal lipid profile and more frequent occurrence of erectile dysfunction. What products should I use in my daily diet to avoid any potency problems?

Erectile dysfunction is much more common in men, who struggle with excessive body weight, diabetes mellitus and hypertension. In this risk group there are also people who do not have a proper diet. The resulting effects contribute to numerous potency dysfunctions. What to eat and what to avoid in everyday diet?

Diet to improve potency

The diet, which is designed to normalize the lipid profile and stop the proper hormone metabolism, focuses on a large portion of vegetables and fruits. The advantage can be such products that additionally show aphrodisiac effects. This diet should be based on antioxidants that inhibit harmful processes in the body and at the same time increase strength. Antioxidants support proper blood circulation in all organs, including reproductive organs. Another compound that cannot be missing is beta-carotene, which supports the regenerative processes of cells, and at the same time has the ability to create new cells. Vitamins C and E, called the vitamins of youth, which at the same time guarantee proper functioning of the reproductive system. Essential elements that maintain potency are zinc and selenium.

fruits for potency

Fruit and vegetables for potency

The list of fruits and vegetables that are considered aphrodisiacs includes aubergines, garlic, artichokes, peppers, tomatoes, celery, asparagus, avocados, peaches, pears, apples and grapes. These natural aphrodisiacs have a stimulating effect on the circulation and blood flow in all organs. Moreover, they improve digestion, warm up, stimulate the nervous system and at the same time regulate all circulatory disorders.

The male body reacts best to tomatoes that contain vitamin E. They are considered to be one of the most effective aphrodisiacs. The second important product is paprika, which contains a complex of antioxidant vitamins in a really large amount. No less important are asparagus and celery, which helps to achieve good condition.

Other recommended products for consumption are nuts, seeds and stones. Walnuts contain a significant amount of alpha-linolenic acid. Other valuable ingredients are almonds, which contain B vitamins, potassium, magnesium, iron and zinc. Apart from nuts, it is worth consuming cereal products, which additionally strengthen the body, helping it to function properly. So it's worth betting on: whole grain bread, oatmeal, buckwheat groats, lamb's groats and brown rice.