Camagra suction tablets

Kamagra naturally occurs in many forms. On the market you can find traditional pills, gel, sparkling tablets and even Kamagra suction sweets, which are an interesting substitute for other forms of taking the drug. The preparation is in the form of ordinary suction sweets, which at first glance resemble lozenges.

The suction camagra is the perfect solution for those looking for a proven and safe potency remedy. Suction candy has 100 mg of Sildenafil, which has been used in the production of potency products for years. The form of the coloured suction lozenge will certainly not attract much attention, it is the most discreet type of potency drug. Importantly, the absorption of the active substance begins in the mouth and not in the stomach, as is the case with tablets or pills.

The influence of Kamagra on the functionality of the sexual system

The action of Kamagra suction activates biochemical processes, which contribute to the increase of potency. Normally, the blood supply is limited by smooth muscles. In such a situation, the body's task is to react to the nervous system, which loosens the muscles through biochemical substances produced in order to ensure proper blood circulation of the genitals. In order for this process to take place, it is necessary to produce nitrogen oxide properly.

Kamagra suction medicine has an effect that lasts about 4 hours. The tablet intended for sucking is taken by the body much faster than the traditional pill, which breaks down when it reaches the stomach. Four hours of action of the active substance Kamagra gives the possibility to feel satisfaction during intercourse a little faster.

Any medicine, regardless of its intended use, may have side effects when not administered as directed by your doctor or pharmacist. Although no health risks have been detected, Kamagra suction may cause minor to moderate headaches, indigestion, a clogged nose or a slight facial erythema.

Camagra suction tablets contraindications

Although Kamagra can be obtained without a prescription, before administering it you should read the leaflet, which will indicate contraindications to take the drug. Like all preparations, Kamagra suction can cause undesirable effects. What are the contraindications for using the drug? The preparation may not be used by people with ischemic heart disease or cardiovascular diseases. People who have had a stroke or heart attack should forget about using Kamagra for sucking. It is not recommended for people with ventricular arrhythmia, cardiomyopathy, aortic valve stenosis or severe valve disease to take Kamagra for suction.