How to dose Kamaga?

Kamagra is a dietary supplement whose dosage differs from that of traditional supplementary capsules. You should only take the potency tablet with the active ingredient if you plan to have sexual intercourse. Kamagra delays the decomposition of serotonin, which prolongs the feeling of happiness.

Kamagra is a convenient preparation for potency, which does not need to be taken during a meal. The supplement can be taken regardless of the time of day and the food intake. Please note, however, that oily and hearty dishes can disrupt Kamagra's performance or reduce it completely. While administering Kamagra tablets it is not recommended to take grapefruit juice, alcohol and other substances that may adversely affect the operation of the preparation.

Camagra - how to dose

The vast majority of dietary supplements require constant and systematic administration of capsules. Otherwise, the preparation does not activate its action and there is no possibility to change the state of health. Kamagra is a special product that is only used when intercourse is planned. There is no need to give a dietary supplement with the active substance if you do not want to have sex. Too frequent supplementation of any preparation, incompatible with the manufacturer's recommendations, may lead to the occurrence of side effects and unpleasant side effects. Camagra in tablets has an extremely powerful substance that works almost immediately after taking it. Its duration can reach 4 hours.

Dosage of Kamagra should begin with a dose of 50mg, i.e. half a tablet of Kamagra, which has 100mg in one serving. Too much dosage can cause side effects. In turn, too low a dose may not bring the expected results. Before using any potency supplement, it is advisable to consult a doctor who will adjust the optimal dose for an individual patient.

Kamagra - side effects

Incorrect dosage of Kamagra can lead to undesirable side effects. In order to prevent this, it is recommended to follow the manufacturer's recommendations, which can be seen in the leaflet. Dizziness, severe muscle pain, facial redness, stomach problems such as nausea and vomiting are most common. Rhinitis, clogged nose and annoying rhinitis are also common. Unfortunately, Kamagra's overdose can lead to a prolonged and painful erection, which can be felt for several hours. In this case it is necessary to see a doctor. Potency supplements should not be used by people with liver or heart problems, peptic ulcer disease, blood clotting disorders or nitrate based drugs.